Arts & Crafts

There are two ways to achieve simplicity.

One is to do without; the other is to simplify a complicated problem until you arrive at a spare, elegant solution.

This sums up the Arts and Craft movement, and has translated into designs for panels that have a distinctive style, and classic design motifs for any home.

Taqwa Glassworks believes that there is, indeed, an “elegance in simplicity,” and designing and creating these beautiful panels has been the forte of our studio.

Geometrics, using prairie style concepts created with chevrons and diamonds, are enhanced with clear and gluechiped clear beveled glass, which transmit and alter the light while adding a subtle spectrum of colours.

Flower designs are stylized to their simplest form, speaking to the language and colour of the flower while creating timeless, classical panels.

Circles, either whole or halved or even quartered) can add an organic motif to any design, and repetitive elements create simple but intriguing panels.

Geometric panels using softly tinted or toned coloured glasses while working with textures and opaque glass, add to the variety of effects and design concepts available in this classic American design style.