Contact Taqwa Glassworks

The technology for communication has changed within the past 5 years, and we feel ease of communication in this visual medium is essential.

Taqwa Glassworks offers the following way to contact our studio and gallery:

  • Phone and Text:      508.364.5417
  • Twitter:                    @DuneGlassGirl
  • Email:             
  • Use our Contact Form, here

Call us

We are available between 9 and 9, any day… and if we cannot answer the phone immediately, it is either because we are with clients, or in the middle of a project, and covered with chemicals. We will return your call in a timely fashion. Our cell phone is the shop phone and is always on active duty.

We are also available for Face Time, and can give you a tour of the shop at the time of your call.

Send photos

Commission work starts with a visual “voice”… and photos allow for both of us to start talking the same language (you say fish, we say fish… you are thinking Minnow, we are thinking Marlin!!) (It is true; a picture speaks a thousand words… just try describing sky blue-ish pinky brown succinctly!!)

Thumbnail files of styles, colours or sizes of studio panels can from sent by this studio to you. We want you to have some of the language of glass to create a panel using these “studio” designs as inspirations.

Text us

Texting is a very effective method of getting in touch with us. Photos can be sent via text, and this is a great visual aid for both artist and client.

Send a video

Please feel free to send videos to me, also. It great to get your perspective of your area, have you describe your colours, and see if your cat is on the couch AGAIN!!

Please feel free to tour the web site and web store, and call us with your inspirations and questions.