Custom Architectural Glass

Taqwa Glassworks approaches architectural glass application with strong artistic concepts based on the “form following function” design ethos; we seek to enhance an area in alignment with its intrinsic architectural design and public use.

A restaurant seeking privacy between a bar area and dining room, or Maitre d’ station and lounge, is well served to work closely with a glass artist that understands not only the language of the “light” of glass, the delicate obfuscation function the glass can serve, but also the design techniques that can forward the ambience and branding of the restaurant itself.

A homeowner with an impossible pair of “trapezoid” lights at the roofline, boldly framing an impressive combination of light placements would like to keep the expanse of light intact, but has found that the character of the area is lacking definition. By creating bold geometric glass panels with soft tints and textures, mixed with clear beveled glass, a frame for the existing lights is created, while accentuating transmitted light and creating a focal point for ambient light within the room.

Residential and commercial buildings can approach architectural glass in a way that does not interfere with Interior Design choices, but simply focuses the eye on the beauty of an area or mitigates problems with privacy without blocking existing light.

Thoughtful, careful glass design can pull in surrounding concepts, colours and elements, making the transition from functional glass to decorative glass subtle and effective.