Custom Glassworks

Glass for your home starts with an idea; perusing our web site and web store is a perfect way to learn the language of the Taqwa Glassworks’ studio styles:

You may indeed find here the perfect panel design for your specific area.

Taqwa Glassworks Studio Design Panels

Taqwa Glassworks Studio Design panels are carefully crafted to highlight glass design, and come in a variety of sizes. All panels can be crafted in custom colours and most panels can be crafted in custom sizes. Some ELEMENTS (ex: bevel clusters, rondels, Lucent Glass Tiles) within the panels are “Studio Standard” and are not available larger or smaller.

When a studio design is converted into a larger panel, we work carefully with the client, and by using the existing panel elements and redesigning the panel to your measurements, we carefully re-work the proportions to create a beautiful panel.

Custom “studio designs” fall under the following parameters:

  • Perfect Design: Wrong Size
  • Perfect Design: Wrong Colours
  • Perfect Design: Wrong Size, Wrong Colours

All of the above are very common requests here at our studio, and we are proud to take one of our designs and re-craft the panel to suit our customers needs.

Custom panels can also be crafted using design elements for different panels to create a whole:

  • The border design on panel 1
  • The corner design on panel 2
  • The background design on panel 3
  • The center element of panel 4
  • The colours of panels 5, 6, 7, and then make it longer and narrower and add a dash of the small element on panel 8 to the top and bottom (or for you horizontal people: on each side!!)

The true craftsmanship of a studio comes to light in the thoughtful completion of even the simplest of designs. No design is too simple to require our utmost care, and sometimes the most basic of panels can take an inordinate amount of time to get “just right”. There is a feeling that translates into a beautifully crafted panel, whether it is 5 pieces of clear glass or hundreds of pieces of glass depicting a special original concept by a client (example here)

Whether we are starting with a simple pencil drawing or sketch, or complete scale renderings of a full fledged idea (example here), we are always ready to take an original concept and bring it to life, and our objective is to make the most beautiful panel we possibly can. Every aspect of a clients’ proposal is given careful thought to detail, glass language, structure and final result. We work with all our skill to craft for you exactly what you want.

From a simple design, to intricate panels, Taqwa Glassworks excels in collaboration, concepts, and craftsmanship. (I need to flesh out the conclusion to this a little bit)