Engraved Glass Artwork

Chrystal-clear beveled glass, accented by soft, snow coloured imagery: that is the essence of Taqwa Glassworks engraved glass artwork.

A picture of  custom engraved glass art by Taqwa GlassworksCarefully designed and painstakingly hand etched, the dichotomy between organic etching and the mathematical planes of prismatic glass create an amazing visual which catches and transmits light unlike any other art form.

Engraved beveled “Blinds” form the core of this expressive artwork.

Carefully designed on trace paper, long elegant bevels are etched and carved on both sides of the bevels, creating subtle shadow elements within the bevels, along with three-dimensional refractive qualities.

Delicate air convection throughout a living area, along with the traverse of the sun through the sky, reflect rainbow and clear glass light onto walls and ceilings.