Ordering from Taqwa Glassworks Studio and Gallery starts with an idea, and proceeds with a phone call.

Talking to us, getting some homework assignments, and conveying by email or Facebook messaging your design concepts, needs, objectives, questions, and concerns, allows us to start talking the language of Glass Craft almost immediately.


Before and After

Calling us for something as simple as problem solving: Does the stained glass industry have a Teal coloured glass that will match your trim for your living room… Having that simple question answered with the arrival of Teal coloured glass samples, to try in your own home, with your own light and lighting, can start the process of creation for you.

There is never an obligation to the shop for having us answer questions, and sometimes the smallest bit of information can get you moving in the right direction.

A visit to our website, perusing it carefully, being inspired by a design, or even an element of a design, will help you narrow down where you would like to go, and helps you define your design style.

Sending me a design, a quick sketch or even a photo of the area in consideration, is a great visual equalizer… “this is what I am thinking, how can this work…” And even if you can’t draw, you can convey… some of our most beautiful designs here in the shop have come from very quick, “I can’t draw a straight line” sketches by clients… and sometimes the most original ideas come from no knowledge of drawing or stained glass design concepts.

We want your panel to be YOURS… Inspired by you, translated and crafted carefully by us, and enjoyed by all.

How can we help you??? Do you have an idea? What a great place to start!