Glassworks Restoration and Repair Services on Cape Cod

Taqwa Glassworks Studio provides the following services:

  • Traditional Lead Came Panel and Lamp Appraisal and Repair
  • Tiffany Method (Copper Foil) Panel and Lamp Appraisal and Repair
  • Glass Cleaning and Restoration
  • Custom Stained Glass panel design, manufacture and installation
  • Custom Glass Etching and Personalization
  • Custom Fused Lucent Glass art tiles for Kitchen and Bathroom

Stained Glass Panel Repair Example

This beautiful Arts and Crafts stained glass panel was installed in a cabinet, and shipped across the country. Upon arrival, the panel was clonking around inside the cabinet, broken and bent. The owners contacted me, not knowing what could be done for this beautifully designed piece.

I was able to fully reconstruct this panel, saving most of the original glass, and reusing broken pieces for extension of the repair as a whole. And: I made the panel the correct size for the opening (almost an inch larger), which turned out to be the installation problem in the first place!

Victorian Glass Panel Repair Example

These Victorian panels were made by Christopher Pearson, and it is possible they are old enough to have been assembled by me when I worked for him!

Bevels and background gluechip were broken and spiderwebbed with pieces missing, so repair was necessary for safety and structure. All glass was removed and replaced… I love when I can’t tell which work is new and which is original except by looking back at the repair photos!!